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Buy My Vacant Land

Buy My Land For Cash

We buy vacant land from home owners with large garden plots. At Surrey Land Acquisitions we act as the the sellers agent to help them maximise their land assets with the sellers interest paramount.

We have knowledge and years of experience in making sure we help you the land owner bring your land into good use. We provide FREE help and advice at no cost to you and help you through the process from start to finish.

What We Are Looking For

– Large Garden Plots
– Strategic Land With Options For Long Term Development Potential
– Garden Assembly Site With Neighbours
– Agricultural Site – Change of use
– Commercial sites – Factories, garages, hotels, pubs, warehouses etc
– Brownfield With Potential For Immediate Term Development (PPG3)
– Difficult Sites Which Requires Specialist Guidance

Contact Us on 0845 388 5768 or email us at karry@surreylandacquisitions.co.uk


How To Sell My Land Fast For Cash

Do You Have A Property With Land For Sale?

Welcome and thank you for stopping by Surrey Land Acquisitions Uk. We are professional land buyers, we not only buy your land we will show you how you can add more value to your land for more than 10 times it’s value today without any cost to you because we pay all the legal fees.

Sell My Land Fast For Cash

We can help you sell your land at a reasonable time scale within twelve to eighteen months. Every plot of land has a value, weather it’s a small plot of land, a corner plot, a bit of parking etc. To add more value to your land you really need to go to a land specialist, that is where Surrey Land Acquisitions comes in because we have decade of experience to adding value to every piece of land.

I Want To Sell My Land Without Planning

What we do at Surrey Land Acquisitions, we will take a look at your land to see if there is potential to get planning permission for your land or potential for change of use. We have a number of different type of changes we can make use of a piece of land and many of them may not require planning and yet it will enhance the value of the land immensely .

How To Add Value To Your Plot Of Land For Free

At Surrey Land Acquisitions we are prepared to spend our own money adding value to your property with land asset and if we don’t buy your land at the end of that, you will have an uplifted value of a piece of land.

In order to protect our position before we start spending money on your land we will require an exclusivity agreement option, what that means is you cannot sell your land to someone else while we are trying to spend our money to add value to your asset. The agreement gives us a period of time to improve the value of your land and evaluate the potential to complete the purchase.

For instance if you have an agricultural piece of land to sell, that might be worth eleven to thirteen thousand pounds so you can either sell your land to a farmer for that same price or you can come to Surrey Land Acquisitions to help uplift the value of your asset more by acquiring planning or change of use, that could be worth more thousands of pounds.

To find out more on how we can help maximise your asset call us NOW on 0854 388 5768.